About the Night Shelter

Homeless manImagine being in a strange city in a foreign country on a cold winter’s night. You can’t speak the language and you have nowhere to stay. It’s starting to rain and you don’t know anyone who can help you…

What do you do? Where do you go?

Glasgow Night Shelter for Destitute Asylum Seekers began in December 2011. Since then we have been providing somewhere safe and warm to stay overnight for people who because of their immigratin status cannot access normal homeless services.

Located in a church hall in the west end of Glasgow and run almost entirely by volunteers, the night shelter provides a hot meal and somewhere safe to stay for up to 15 men every night, 365 nights a year, including Christmas Day and Hogmanay.

The people we look after are refused asylum seekers who are not eligible for support and homeless non-EU migrants who because of their immigration status cannot access normal homeless services.

This group of people face multiple difficulties; often unable to speak English; without any family or friends who can help them; unable to do paid work; with an insecure immigration status; not knowing their rights and often scared to draw attention to their plight for fear of coming to the attention of the authorities, they are blocked from accessing any support that is funded by public money.

Watch a short film explaining the work we do at the night shelter here

From April 1st 2017 Glasgow Night Shelter Scottish is now a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO) number SC047169.


5 thoughts on “About the Night Shelter

  1. Hi, is it possible for me to drop in some hats, gloves & food to yourselves? If not do you know a charity who would help the homeless who sit out in the cold & rain in the city centre? Kind regards


  2. Why dont they go home and instead focus your efforts on those born in this country; not those who moved halfway round the world to be homeless!


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