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Glasgow Night Shelter for Destitute Asylum Seekers (GNS), in partnership with Scottish Refugee Council, has received funding from National Lottery Community Fund to pilot a humane, effective and improved model and approach to preventing foreseeable homelessness among destitute asylum seekers in Glasgow. Testing of this model will inform policy change in UK and Scottish governments.

In 2019 – eight years after the organisation was established – the need for fit-for-purpose accommodation and advocacy is more vital and urgent than ever. Current accommodation provision in the city for this community is extremely limited.

There is no dedicated emergency provision for women. The pilot will develop a city-based accommodation pathway for those affected by the UK asylum system who are at acute risk of becoming, or who are already, homeless. It will focus on increasing the range, quality, and coherence across, accommodation for this highly vulnerable group, who would otherwise be street homeless; this includes those suffering Serco forced lock changes and women, for whom there is currently no emergency shelter.

The current partners hold expertise in supporting this high-need and diverse group. We are seeking new partners who hold housing stock, including types that have previously been used for social care, that may be repurposed to create a safe, supportive and dignified environment for a vulnerable population who cannot access mainstream homelessness services. If you have a building that you don’t quite know what to do with at the moment, or for which you’re seeking a meanwhile use, get in touch.

CONTACT GLASGOW NIGHT SHELTER: hello@glasgownightshelter.org

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