Inside 24 Fairley Street


Here’s a look inside the old recording studio:

First floor

On the first floor will be located the women only space with a small kitchen area, social space, storage showers and toilets. We also intend to install a fully equipped kitchen and serving area and a dining area that will be used to prepare and serve the main evening meal for everyone that will close at 11pm making the whole floor a women only space overnight.

Here’s the architect’s plan for the first floor:

First floor final plan

Second floor:

The second floor is a maze of recording booths and studios. We plan to demolish these and reveal the roof space giving a light spacious feel to the top floor.

The second floor is larger than the first floor and here we will host the larger men’s shelter with showers, TV Room and a laundry room.

Second floor final plan.

New windows

We also plan to re-instate some of the old windows of the building to increase light inside:

New windows and old


Help needed!

We’re looking for volunteers especially those with plumbing and electrical qualifications to help us with refurbishing the building.  We need to re-wire the whole building as well as plumb in new shower blocks, toilets and kitchens. If you can help or know any firms that may be willing to help us create the only night shelter in Scotland for destitute migrant men and women then please get in touch.