Women’s night shelter

Housing is a Human RightDestitute womanCurrently Glasgow Night Shelter is only allowed to provide space for destitute men who due to their immigration status are not allowed to work or claim benefits due to the agreement we have with the church where we are based.

There is currently no equivalent shelter in Glasgow for destitute migrant women who because of their immigration status cannot access normal homeless services.

Unfortunately recent discussions with another nearby church about opening a night shelter for up to six women a night have fallen through.


This could be a church, community centre, industrial unit or empty flat. Ideally such a property will be centrally located and have room for six women to sleep on the floor (a minimum of about 500 square feet / 54 square metres) space for storage of their personal luggage and their mattresses and bedding, a kitchen, a seperate communal room  and washing and toilet facilities.  We will consider any space big or small!

We have a team of willing volunteers who can help with decorating and fitting out a space for use as a shelter.

IF you know of any space that could potentially be used as a woment’ shelter please get in touch with us.

This vital project needs financial and practical support. If you are interested in supporting or volunteering at a women’s night shelter please email us.

Donations for the new women’s shelter can be sent to Glasgow Night Shelter with “Women’s shelter” written on the back of the cheques or used as the reference for bank transfers.

Information on how to donate to the Night Shelter project can be seen here


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